#6 Dr Sound explains distortion

Dear readers, here’s a new post from me, Dr Sound, or John-Erik Eriksson, as my real name is. It’s time for another exiting trip into the world of sound and acoustics, this time focusing on distortion.

The term distortion usually refers to a deviation from the original perfect form. In sound contexts this is a deviation […]

#5 Dr Sound explains noise

Hello, or as we say in Sweden, tjena!

I’m John-Erik, Dr Sound, Eriksson and this time I will educate you on a topic familiar to everyone. Noise!

We all know what noise is and that it can come from many different sources. From the nice neighbor next door drilling holes in the wall, the air conditioner, roaring […]

#4 Dr Sound explains double talk

Dear readers, Dr Sound is back with a new post about sound and sound technology. The subject this time is a really exciting and interesting one called double talk.

Double talk … or full duplex, is all about having the capability for several people being able to talk at the same time, without anyone being cut […]

#3 Dr Sound explains sound levels

John-Erik is Konftel’s Dr Sound.Hi, John-Erik Eriksson, you know, Dr Sound here. It’s time for another post from the exiting world of sound and acoustics and this time I’m taking you on a tour through the concept of sound levels.

It’s easy to think in simple terms about volume – turn it up to hear better… […]

#2 Dr Sound explains the reverb phenomenon

Hi, John-Erik here again. Or as some of you might know me, as Dr Sound, acoustic designer here at Konftel. In this post we will me address another common sound phenomenon, namely reverb.

Reverb and decay are all terms used to describe a gradual decrease in sound. It is measured in the unit RT 60, which […]

#1 Dr Sound explains the echo phenomenon

Some of you might recognize me as Dr Sound but my real name is in fact John-Erik Eriksson and I work as an acoustic designer here at Konftel. In this blog post I will try to explain the phenomenon echo in a telecom context.

Most of us knows what echo sounds like – it is what […]

Get translation while you speak – see how Skype Translator works

It’s time for Skype to release its real-time Skype Translator. The service initially supports only Spanish and English for voice communication, but includes over 40 languages for live translation of instant messages. Sign up here to be a preview user. Read more about the research behind it.

All our conference phones with USB works fine with Skype, for example […]

Compete and win your own speakerphone! When do meetings really matter for you?

We love great meetings, and we love all kinds of meetings. Get inspired by our short video and give us your best (or most peculiar or craziest or most unexpected…) reason for why you need a Konftel to set up a meeting? The best motivation wins a shiny new Konftel 55W for your office! To participate, send an e-mail motivating why […]

Cooking for Thanksgiving?

A tip for our American friends: Do you need a hand with the cooking for Thanksgiving? Call some friends.

Web conferencing is expected to grow – are you ready?

By 2019 audio conferencing is expected to account for just over 51 percent in revenue instead of the 66 percent of today, according to Frost & Sullivan. On the other hand, there is an expected increase in web conferencing to more than a quarter of the market. For us at Konftel it’s a development that is in […]