#2 Dr Sound explains the reverb phenomenon

Hi, John-Erik here again. Or as some of you might know me, as Dr Sound, acoustic designer here at Konftel. In this post we will me address another common sound phenomenon, namely reverb.

Reverb and decay are all terms used to describe a gradual decrease in sound. It is measured in the unit RT 60, which […]

#1 Dr Sound explains the echo phenomenon

Some of you might recognize me as Dr Sound but my real name is in fact John-Erik Eriksson and I work as an acoustic designer here at Konftel. In this blog post I will try to explain the phenomenon echo in a telecom context.

Most of us knows what echo sounds like – it is what […]

Diary from CeBIT 2015 – Tagebuch von der CeBIT 2015

CeBIT, day 1:
The booth is ready for the first guests. Ralf Kalker is preparing Monday’s press briefings with Manuel Klinck, Key Account Manager at Herweck. Today we’ll meet three journalists from the magazines “Chefbuero”, “Telecom Handel” and “Funkschau.
Der Stand steht und Ralf Kalker bereitet sich mit Manuel Klinck, Key Account Manager bei Herweck, auf die […]

Media attention around the launch of Konftel 220

Here are some examples of the media attention the launch of Konftel 220 attracted.
Telekom idag (Swedish): Konftel täpper analogt hål

Comms Business (English): Still Demand for Analogue says Konftel

ITespresso (German): Konftel bringt einfaches und günstiges Konferenztelefon für KMU

Telecom Handel (German): Konftel 220: Konferenztelefon für Einsteiger