And the winner is…

The Winner of the Konftel 55W is Shumei, 26 years old, lives and works in Nanchang, Jiangxi Provincein in China. Her motivation was:

“My friend is studying music abroad. She wants to tell her mother that she gets along well with her classmates and also play the piano for her. But her mother can’t hear clearly […]

How to Create a Great Web Meeting

Web meetings are both a smart and an effective way of meeting. They are quick to organize and make it easy to share documents with other participants. A Konftel conference phone gives you top-quality sound for your meetings. The phone also acts as a hub for all your connections. Here, we provide some tips on […]

Win your own Konftel 220!

Take our three-question quiz and win your own uncomplicated friend, the Konftel 220. Compete and answer in Svenska, English, Français, Español or Deutsch.

Here’s more information about Konftel 220

PRODUCT LAUNCH! Konftel 220 – an uncomplicated friend

Read full press release in svenska, English, français, español or Deutsch.

Stable, analogue phone lines are still the first choice in many parts of the world. The analogue market remains particularly strong in Asia and, to a certain extent, in North and South America and parts of southern Europe. To address this demand, we are launching the […]

Get translation while you speak – see how Skype Translator works

It’s time for Skype to release its real-time Skype Translator. The service initially supports only Spanish and English for voice communication, but includes over 40 languages for live translation of instant messages. Sign up here to be a preview user. Read more about the research behind it.

All our conference phones with USB works fine with Skype, for example […]

The Economic Impact of Bad Meetings (by TED)

We have all been there, in a bad meeting. The think tank over at TED has been looking at the topic. Enjoy!


If everybody knew these 7 things, every meeting would make sense

1) Purpose. Sounds obvious but haven’t we all been to a meeting where it’s not really clear what it’s all about? Think it through in advance and make it clear to the participants when you start the meeting.

2) Invites. Is everybody invited and do everybody know why they are invited and what is expected of them?

3) Readings. Make […]

Here we go!

Today we are launching a global initiative to develop the digital dialogue with customers and partners via this blog. Hopefully it will be full of helpful information, tips for efficient meetings and technological advances. We will also share our thoughts and talk to you on Facebook, LinkedIn and Sina Weibo, the Chinese microblog.

“We feel it’s the perfect time to […]