Monthly Archives: October 2017

It’s all about data and details

You’ll probably spend about four minutes on this website and during that time you’ll visit around five different pages. It’s also likely that you are aged between 35 and 44 and sitting at a computer. In those four minutes you will no doubt want to learn more about our products. We know all this, but […]

Instant success with social collaboration tools

Our behavior on social media and the functions we use there are beginning to spill over into collaboration tools for companies and organizations. New niche players, global internet giants and well-established names in business communication are battling it out for customers. There are so many new things to discover, but the need for good sound […]

Collaboration according to Konftel

Our way of working is evolving at a rapid pace. It involves digitisation, reshaping office environments and how we collaborate. Konftel’s roots are Swedish and Sweden is right on the leading edge of these developments. Creating products in this environment naturally gives us a major competitive advantage. We also hope to be able to empower […]