The Konftel 300IPx and Konftel Unite mobile app together are making it radically easier for users to manage meetings. One click is all it takes to join a meeting.

The long phone numbers, codes and commands that are sometimes associated with telephone conferences can leave users feeling stressed. The actual conference phone in the meeting room can also create uncertainty. But it’s stumbling blocks like these that we at Konftel have eliminated with our new IP conference phone and mobile app.

Konftel Unite is designed for easy management of the Konftel 300IPx. Call contacts or groups from your personal phonebook and operate the features of the phone during the meeting – all from your mobile phone. It couldn’t be easier to start or join a remote meeting that’s scheduled in your calendar. At the touch of a button, the Konftel 300IPx makes the calls and dials the meeting codes.

One Touch Conferencing – How it should be

Incredibly versatile

The Konftel 300IPx is a new version of the highly-popular IP conference phone, the Konftel 300IP. As well as One Touch Conferencing via the app, the Konftel 300IPx has everything that’s needed for high-class, efficient distance meetings. Thanks to connectivity options for loudspeaker equipment, wireless headsets and expansion microphones, it is ideal for rooms of all sizes up to large auditoriums. In addition, the Konftel 300IPx has an integrated conference bridge for five-way calls and the patented OmniSound® audio technology that delivers crystal-clear, natural HD audio.

The Konftel 300IPx has a USB port which makes it perfect for Skype for Business, Cisco, Avaya and other computer-based meeting tools. It is simple to configure and upgrade via the web and it supports auto-provisioning. The Konftel 300IPx comes with a two-year warranty.

Key features of the Konftel 300IPx:

  • OmniSound with HD audio support
  • SIP
  • UC compatible via USB
  • Support for Konftel Unite – One Touch Conferencing
  • NFC for swift connection to the Konftel Unite mobile app
  • Effortless phone and meeting management via Konftel Unite
  • Conference bridge
  • Memory card recording
  • Connectable to expansion microphones and PA system
  • Efficient, scalable provisioning
  • Two-year warranty

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The unite app and 300IPx

Konftel Unite at a glance

The Konftel Unite app lets you manage the Konftel 300IPx on your mobile or tablet screen. Join scheduled meetings with a click, create conference groups, call contacts from your personal phonebook and operate the phone’s features during the meeting. Connect simply between the mobile and conference phone via Bluetooth® (only for control, not audio transfer). Konftel Unite can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.

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About Konftel 
Konftel is a leading company and a strong brand in the teleconferencing industry. Since 1988, our mission has been to help people around the world to conduct meetings, regardless of distance. We know from experience that teleconferences are an efficient way to save time and money and contribute to a better environment. Superior audio quality is essential for efficient meetings. This is why our patented audio technology OmniSound® is built into all Konftel conference phones. Our products are marketed worldwide under the Konftel brand via our head office in Umeå in Sweden.

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