Imagine driving and having to enter a 13 digit-long entry code to join a phone meeting. Not only is it a stressful situation, it’s downright hazardous! This article shows you how the free mobile app Konftel Unite makes mobile collaboration safe and easy. The benefits of One Touch Conferencing.

A typical day for many of us includes back-to-back calls and meetings, and it doesn’t matter where you are, you’re expected to join and be on time. Dialing into conference calls, fumbling between the calendar and dial pad, trying to remember phone numbers and long passcodes is a hassle. That’s something we experience ourselves here at Konftel, especially among our road warriors and remote workers. Do you recognize the problem? I guess so, and that’s why we created this free and really convenient mobile app.

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The magic of a button

Konftel Unite makes it easy by dialing the number and passcode for you. All you have to do is push a button to join the distance meeting. We call it One Touch Conferencing.

It doesn´t matter what kind of conferencing service or meeting tools you prefer, its equally simple thanks to the intelligence of Konftel Unite. The “Join by phone” button calls the teleconferencing bridge and “Join on Scopia” takes you to a web conference in the same way you enter a Google Hangout session.





A complete picture

The app, available both on the App Store for Ios devices and Google play for Android, can display events from multiple calendars. Simply select the calendars you want to connect to Konftel Unite.

Konftel Unite keeps you organized by displaying your day’s events, meetings and calls. It sends you a friendly reminder before the start of each event and you can even schedule events from within the app.






Easy to save and share

A very handy feature is notes within the app. Konftel Unite lets you conveniently take text or voice notes during your call or meeting. Once the meeting is over, select the invitees you want to share your notes with and Konftel Unite will email them a copy.











True conference audio

Your smartphone or tablet are for sure, perfect devices for managing your meetings, with the help of Konftel Unite. But they do not provide the kind of group audio quality that you need. Placing the smartphone in speaker mode on the table is not a viable option. No – you, your colleagues and the people at the other end will benefit significantly in productivity and user experience if you have a dedicated conference device.

Konftel Unite works excellently with the Konftel Ego and Konftel 55Wx when your mobile phone is connected by Bluetooth. Join the scheduled conference call from Konftel Unite and let the speakerphone handle the audio – powered by OmniSound®, Konftel’s patented audio technology.

We will be actively adding new features to Konftel Unite. Please send your feedback, suggestions and support questions to We read every email.

Need a quick summary? Check out this video: One Touch Conferencing in 40 sec.