…Erik Flournoy living in Honolulu, Hawaii! Erik managed to get all the right answers in our Phone Plug Quiz and wins a Konftel 55W! You find the right answers at the bottom of this post.


Congratulations Erik, who are you and what do you do?
I am a passionate solution provider that strives to make every customer smile. I believe there is a solution for every difficulty or a product to ease the difficulty until an ultimate solution is created. De-complication is my goal. I currently am a IT consult that works with several CLECs in the US and government entities to supply technology solutions for number portability and software development. I’m an all around IT hub.

How come you know so much about Phone Plugs, have you travelled a lot?
Interestingly enough I’ve always been into electronics. I used to order all kinds of travel kits and a number of PCMCIA slot 14.4K fax modems from years back would came with universal plugs that basically allowed you to plug your travel modem into any phone socket and dial-up, yes dial-up.

We Swedes love to talk about the weather, so… what’s the weather like in Honolulu today (Friday 16 October)?
Surprisingly it’s been fairly warm but off and on showers. 100’s of Europeans are on the island for college as it gets colder in Europe. Todays high was nice 86°F (30°C) with minimal trade winds.