Konftel is introducing new product packaging as part of a holistic approach to reduce our impact on the environment.

“We are delighted to be able to present fresh, new and simplified packaging for our entire portfolio of conference telephones and sound units. Of course, they look good! But the fact that the new design will help to reduce waste management and make transportation more efficient is actually the most important thing,” says Konftel Marketing Manager Stefan Eriksson.


The new back to basic boxes will be introduced with the Konftel 300M and 300Wx for products manufactured from June onwards. This means that they will not reach end customers until after the summer. The transition for the remaining products in the 300 series will take place during July, and for Konftel’s other models after that.

Smaller is better
Because the packaging has been made smaller, there will be fewer boxes that need to be disposed of.

“The new format also allows us to make better use of pallets, making logistics more efficient overall. This brings important environmental gains, and that is something both we at Konftel and our customers are keen on,” says Konftel Product Manager Torbjörn Karlsson.

Konftel has also decided to no longer send out printed documentation with its products, apart from the obligatory safety declaration. All user documentation is available to download from Konftel’s website at www.konftel.com/Support/Manuals.

Less wasted plugs
“When our customers open the new packaging they will also discover that the product does not come with an entire set of phone plugs for different countries. It was quite simply no longer justifiable for our deliveries to generate so much waste. From now on, the product will only be accompanied by the most common phone plug,” Torbjörn explains.