German fashion brand ORSAY uses the Konftel 300W to communicate with the employees at its branch office in Poland as well as with service providers and sales staff.

ORSAY is very satisfied with its choice, in part because our stylish Scandinavian design enhances the phone and fits perfectly in an office environment.

Conference calls are used on a daily basis at ORSAY due to the fast and efficient communication they facilitate. Calls can be set up spontaneously to provide immediate feedback to business partners.

The company uses three Konftel 300W phones at its headquarters in Willstätt and one at its branch office in Poland. “We use these phones around the clock,” says Fabienne Iffland, IT Director at ORSAY. “We’re also planning to purchase an additional device. Meanwhile, these conference phones are essential for our everyday business.”

She explains that the Konftel 300W makes it possible to talk freely and move about the room. “Each and every word is clear ‒ without the participants having to hold a telephone or lean towards a desk phone with an integrated loudspeaker. External participants are integrated as if they were in the same room.”

Konftel’s conference phones are known for their high-quality sound and user-friendliness, but also for their design. For ORSAY, design was at least as important as functionality.


“The look of the conference phones played an important role in the selection process. The conference room represents the company. The Konftel phones add just the right touch with their Scandinavian design,” says Iffland.

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