Two important keynote sessions this morning: Ciscos Rowan Trollope and Avayas Gary Barnett. Both of them started by noting that the business climate and requirements to be successful is changing rapidly. The speed of change itself is one of the major challenges.

So, what should be the answer to that? It is about speeding up decision making processes and the activities that follows.

“It is both customer and internal requirements that drives the need for faster innovation”, says Gary Barnett and demos an Avaya-solution that utilizes easy drag and drop to create automated team engagement solutions. In this case an automated process to quickly gather a crisis team.

Rowan Trollope put it this way: “You need to be fast, nimble and to use the technology that can give you an advantage. That is what the successful companies do today. It is about helping the teams to make fast decisions and the whole area of collaboration is starting to make sense to me now.

To support that Cisco launched the commercial version of the application Squared, now branded Spark.

Voices on conferencing
I took the chance to ask some customers and end users on the show floor  about their challenges when it comes to conferencing. This is how they answered my mini survey.