25 Years as a hub in the business communications industry. The conference and trade show Enterprise Connect, former Voicecon, is celebrating this year with all the big end customers, and sponsoring manufacturers and vendors in Orlando, Florida.

It all kicked off with an intense full day conference agenda. Hot topics were real time web communications – WebRTC, the state of the UC industry and conferencing.

“Will WebRTC destroy or enable the communications market?” That specific seminar headline summarizes the discussions very well. What will happen with the traditional revenue streams when real time communication becomes a web service that is easily implemented in various applications. It is a rather intriguing situation that this discussion happens 25 years after the birth of the web, at a “telecom conference” at the same age.

The seminar “UC Market: What’s Hot, What’s Not” also highlighted the importance of WebRTC. The Current Analysis principal analyst Tim Banting showed a graph positioning different technologies and their impact in the coming three years (we can’t show you the illustration due to copyright). Best of breed-approaches and IP-PBXs will have a clear negative impact, while WebRTC and SoCoMo apps (Social Collaboration Mobile) will have a strong positive impact.

Shown in the MZA data for 2014 and 2019 forecast for North America it means a strong growth in IP voice and cloud. On the client side the deskphone is still the most common choice ( 56 percent), followed by desktop UC clients (9 percent) and mobile UC clients (less than 1 percent!). But it is quite common to implement both deskphones and software clients for the PC (28 percent).

“That combination is growing, because it makes the handling much easier. When it comes to mobile UC most users just forward their calls to the mobile and don’t use the application.”, says Peter Hale, principal analyst Collaboration and Communications at MZA.

We will see a shift to true mobile UC as well and already today the combination of all three client types gain some traction with 4 percent of sales.

In the late afternoon the crowds hit the show floor and the Konftel booth got very busy:) Big end user organisations showed keen interest in the UC integration possibilities with the Konftel 55 feature layers, not the least our new Cisco Jabber functionality. But interest is clearly spanning over the whole range of products, from the new analog Konftel 220 to the wireless IP options for 300Wx. And we know that: No Size Fits All!

More on that in tomorrows report from Enterprise Connect.

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