Thanks to Konftel ZTI users can be supplied with IP conference phones that just need to be plugged in to use. The Swedish company iCentrex was among the first to use the service. It is an important tool in their work to automate administration and make things easier for customers.

“The foundation of our business concept is that things should be easy,” says Samuel Beckstrand, CTO at iCentrex. “This also applies when buying and installing hardware. IP phones should be operable as soon as the network and power cables are plugged in.”

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Connect conference phone to IP PBX (pdf)

Ansluta konferenstelefon till IP-växel (pdf)

Connecte un téléphone de conférence à un PBX IP (pdf)

Anschluss des Konferenztelefons an eine IP-Telefonanlage (pdf)