Web meetings are both a smart and an effective way of meeting. They are quick to organize and make it easy to share documents with other participants. A Konftel conference phone gives you top-quality sound for your meetings. The phone also acts as a hub for all your connections. Here, we provide some tips on how to conduct a great meeting online.

Have an agenda. Like any other meeting, an online meeting should be taken seriously. Make sure everyone is aware of the agenda beforehand.

Share documents. A web meeting’s biggest advantage is that participants can see each other and share documents, creating a sense of group participation. Make sure your equipment is easy-to-use.

A hub for all your devices. There are several good software solutions that can facilitate online meetings, such as Skype. The new Konftel 55 family is an obvious choice for its optimal sound quality and ability to easily connect to computers, tablets, smartphones and desktop phones. The Konftel 55/55W can become a hub for all your connections and a guarantee for great sound. The Konftel 300, 300M and 300W are also perfect choices for web meetings.

Prepare properly. Documents should be concise, with summarized information for every picture shown. It’s good to practice displaying and switching between pages and images so that meetings flow better. A simple rule is to close all other windows on the screen and only work with one source in full-screen mode. All information should be relevant and contribute something to the meeting.

E-mail documents. If a longer text is the main topic of discussion, it is a good idea to e-mail the document to participants in advance so they can read through it in their own time before the meeting.

Gather participants. Try and gather participants in the same place rather than have them sit alone in separate rooms. This leads to better sound and less chance of people interrupting each other when having conversations. In addition, meetings tend to be more productive if more people can meet in the same room.

Good luck!

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