1) Purpose. Sounds obvious but haven’t we all been to a meeting where it’s not really clear what it’s all about? Think it through in advance and make it clear to the participants when you start the meeting.

2) Invites. Is everybody invited and do everybody know why they are invited and what is expected of them?

3) Readings. Make sure that all participants have the opportunity to read all documents before the meeting. If you are going to send it out, give everybody at least three days to read.

4) Agenda. Set and communicate a realistic agenda. Send it out in advance and communicate it in the opening of the meeting.

5) Meeting Environment. A good looking meeting room makes your meetings more effective and, off course, you should always demand a crystal clear sound if you use a conference phone. Never accept a cell phone on the table…

6) Dynamics. The dynamic in the group is important. Make sure that everyone gets a say, everybody in the meeting is there to contribute.

7) Follow Up. Summarize before ending the meeting and send out meeting notes directly after.

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