Monthly Archives: November 2014

Cooking for Thanksgiving?

A tip for our American friends: Do you need a hand with the cooking for Thanksgiving? Call some friends.

If everybody knew these 7 things, every meeting would make sense

1) Purpose. Sounds obvious but haven’t we all been to a meeting where it’s not really clear what it’s all about? Think it through in advance and make it clear to the participants when you start the meeting.

2) Invites. Is everybody invited and do everybody know why they are invited and what is expected of them?

3) Readings. Make […]

Web conferencing is expected to grow – are you ready?

By 2019 audio conferencing is expected to account for just over 51 percent in revenue instead of the 66 percent of today, according to Frost & Sullivan. On the other hand, there is an expected increase in web conferencing to more than a quarter of the market. For us at Konftel it’s a development that is in […]